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  Incident Investigation Reports from Workplace Health and Safety (Alberta, Canada)
blue.gif (104 bytes) Natural Gas Condensate Tanker Truck Fire due to Flex Hose Rupture due to Overpressure
blue.gif (104 bytes) Premature Detonation of Explosives
blue.gif (104 bytes) Explosion of Drum of Asphalt Primer in Drum used to Support Metal being cut with Torch
blue.gif (104 bytes) Natural Gas Pipeline Fire due to External Damage
blue.gif (104 bytes) Fireworks Disposal Explosion
blue.gif (104 bytes) Explosion due to Welding on Tar Tank
blue.gif (104 bytes) Explosion at Oil Well Battery Site
blue.gif (104 bytes) Methanol Fire / Explosion on Mobile Hot Oiler
blue.gif (104 bytes) Exposure to Toluene
blue.gif (104 bytes) Tank Truck Explosion due to Welding with Residual Flammable Vapor
blue.gif (104 bytes) Exposure to Hydrogen Sulphide
blue.gif (104 bytes) Furnace Combustion Chamber Explosion
blue.gif (104 bytes) Frozen by Liquid Nitrogen

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