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  Incident Investigation Reports from Victorian WorkCover Authority
blue.gif (104 bytes) Air receiver on a compressor explodes
blue.gif (104 bytes) Suffocation in hotel cellar from gas leak in beverage system
blue.gif (104 bytes) Paint stripping using methylene chloride in a tank
blue.gif (104 bytes) Some D-Type Boilers were found to have potentially dangerous cracks in welds
blue.gif (104 bytes) Incorrect storage of bulk LPG is a public risk
blue.gif (104 bytes) Spraying flammable liquids- paints, lacquers, adhesives, resins
blue.gif (104 bytes) Hydrofluoric Acid-Guidelines for safer handling and storage
blue.gif (104 bytes) Plant failure causes ammonia leak
blue.gif (104 bytes) Explosion danger in cutting drums

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