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  Incident Investigation Report from United States Fire Administration
blue.gif (104 bytes) Massive Leak of Liquefied Chlorine Gas at Henderson, Nevada [pdf]
blue.gif (104 bytes) Six Firefighter Fatalities in Construction Site Explosion Kansas City, Missouri [pdf]
blue.gif (104 bytes) Gasoline Tanker Incident in Chicago, Illinois and Fairfax County, Virginia [pdf]
blue.gif (104 bytes) Major Propane Gas Explosion and Fire Perryville, Maryland [pdf]
blue.gif (104 bytes) Philips Petroleum Chemical Plant Explosion and Fire Pasadena, Texas [pdf]
blue.gif (104 bytes) Sodium Explosion Critically Burns Firefighters Newton, Massachusetts [pdf]
blue.gif (104 bytes) Swimming Pool Chemical Plant Fire Springfield, Massachusetts [pdf]
blue.gif (104 bytes) Industrial Plastic Fire: Major Triage Operation Flint Township, Michigan [pdf]
blue.gif (104 bytes) Industrial Silo Fire and Explosion [pdf]
blue.gif (104 bytes) Live Oak/Milstar Complex and Carpet Service Center LaGrange, Georgia [pdf]
blue.gif (104 bytes) Manufacturing Mill Fire Methuen, Massachusetts [pdf]
blue.gif (104 bytes) Sherwin-Williams Paint Warehouse Fire Dayton, Ohio [pdf]


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