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02/05/2002 Minner names consultant to oversee Motiva refinery
01/31/2002 Oil workers may strike
01/26/2002 Report traces Motiva fire to 'contained explosion'
01/24/2002 Motiva to produce less heating oil because of fire
Storage-tank bill will be refocused
01/23/2002 Fire breaks out at Motiva
01/15/2002 Motiva faces $259,000 in fines
01/12/2002 Motiva to brief workers on OSHA accident report
01/09/2002 Bill would regulate above-ground tanks
01/08/2002 State's deal with Motiva criticized


Effective notification system sought


Motiva to pay fine for missed deadline
12/11/2001 Motiva will pay $70,000
12/08/2001 Delaware cites Motiva for environmental violations
State to name a Motiva monitor
11/18/2001 Scars, suffering in Motiva's accident wake


Industrial accident policies scrutinized


Gov. Minner orders troopers to resume patrols at Motiva


Investigators subpoena Motiva e-mail records
10/17/2001 Soil tests begin in Motiva spill investigation
10/13/2001 Motiva probe stymied


Shell, partner to buy stake in Motiva


Motiva cancels appearance at 7&40 Alliance meeting
09/30/2001 Memorial is held for Motiva worker
09/23/2001 More Motiva tanks subject to federal review
09/20/2001 'Search is over' for missing Motiva worker


Motiva unit ordered shut, state says
09/18/2001 Motiva removes remnants of destroyed tank


Feds issue subpoenas for Motiva


Motiva urged to meet officials


No trace of contractor found in Motiva ruins
09/07/2001 Motiva crews to raise collapsed acid tank


Trail of hazards spans U.S.
08/25/2001 Emergency phase ends for Motiva
08/19/2001 Pennsylvania man 'Big as a bear; a heart to match'


Site of tank fire inspected


Motiva speeds up acid removal

08/14/2001 Skeptics doubt Motiva will comply
08/12/2001 Motiva letter pleases Minner


Motiva agrees to abide by Minner's demands


Fears fill New Castle Motiva meeting
08/09/2001 Motiva gets ultimatum from Minner
08/08/2001 Victim of Motiva spill briefly back in hospital
08/07/2001 Motiva safety at issue
Tempers flare at Motiva meeting
08/06/2001 Removal of acid continues at Motiva


Trucks hauling acid from Motiva's Delaware City plant
08/04/2001 Motiva, Minner will meet
Refinery workers begin removal of acid


Minner plans to air concerns to Motiva execs
Tank had deep groove at base
Acid believed in tanks is missing


Motiva declared public risk

08/01/2001 Takeover of cleanup threatened

Motiva building pipeline to drain acid tanks


Motiva cleanup delayed again


Inspection of chemical tanks proposed


Motiva delays draining of Delaware City acid tank for second day


Weather delays draining of acid

Federal agency joins investigation
Company hasn't learned, critics say
Notification system nears completion


Motiva knew tank was faulty
Crane brought in to speed cleanup effort
07/24/2001 Cleanup moves slowly at Motiva


Motiva crews work to build backup berms in Delaware City


Two minor leaks discovered in Delaware City refinery
A powerful, hungry force
07/21/2001 Leak drains acid tank after Delaware City accident


Fears of a 'catastrophe' at refinery ease
Many questions, but for now, few answers
07/19/2001 Stability of tanks at Delaware City refinery now top concern
Safety concerns delay search, investigation after explosion


Search for worker missing in refinery blaze starts today
Despite fumes, DNREC sees no threat


State slaps new fine on Motiva


EPA orders Motiva to pay $146,000
03/22/2000 Motiva hit with $390,000 fine


Motiva agrees to fine, pollution controls
03/16/2000 Motiva defends changes
03/02/2000 DNREC cites refinery for odor, dust


Reported acid emission leaps 1,800% at Motiva
01/09/2000 Motiva hit with fine of $210,000

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The Motiva-Equilon oil alliance
Motiva photo gallery
A closer look at the Motiva tank farm
A closer look at the accident site

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Nicholas DiPasquale, secretary of the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, discussed the Motiva incident at an Aug. 9 public meeting.
Excerpts from an interview with the Delaware City Fire Chief James Rosseel about the refinery accident
Motiva's accident hotline
Excerpts from a Thursday press conference with Senior Chief Petty Officer Carolyn Cihelka and Motiva spokesman Spiros Mantzavinos

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