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Incident Investigation Report from Government of Alberta


blue.gif (104 bytes) Natural Gas Condensate Tanker Truck Fire due to Flex Hose Rupture due to Overpressure [pdf]
blue.gif (104 bytes) Premature Detonation of Explosives [pdf]
blue.gif (104 bytes) Worker Injuried during a Flammable Liquid Explosion [pdf]
blue.gif (104 bytes) Worker Dies from Burn Injuries [pdf]
blue.gif (104 bytes) Fireworks Disposal Explosion [pdf]
blue.gif (104 bytes) Explosion due to Welding on Tar Tank [pdf]
blue.gif (104 bytes) Explosion at Oil Well Battery Site [pdf]
blue.gif (104 bytes) Methanol Fire - Explosion on Mobile Hot Oiler [pdf]
blue.gif (104 bytes) Exposure to Toluene [pdf]
blue.gif (104 bytes) Tank Truck Explosion due to Welding with Residual Flammable Vapor [pdf]
blue.gif (104 bytes) Worker Explosed to Hydrogen Sulphide Fall from the Top of the Truck [pdf]
blue.gif (104 bytes) Furnace Combustion Chamber Explosion [pdf]
blue.gif (104 bytes) Frozen by Liquid Nitrogen [pdf]


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