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Sitrep Two and Final

15 May 1997


These reports describe significant environmental incidents reported to and tracked by the National Response Center. They reflect both new incidents and follow-up information describing actions taken for previously reported events. The NRC publishes Incident Summary Reports periodically upon receipt of documentary information from the Federal On-Scene Coordinator.

NRC Case #: 016-97
INSUM #: Two and Final
Occurence Date: 15 May, 1997
Location: Carteret, NJ
Source: Tank Barge RTC 320
Material: Oil, Fuel: No. 2
Severity: Medium
Quantity Discharged: 46,820 Gallons
Quantity in Water: 46,820 Gallons
Body of Water Affected: Arthur Kill
Federal On-Scene Coordinator: Captain of the Port, New York


SITUATION: On Thursday 15 May, 1997, a medium No. 2 fuel oil spill occurred at the GATX Carteret Terminal, in Carteret, NJ when the Tank Barge RTC 320 was overfilled due to a crewman falling asleep during a transfer evolution. The barge was pre-boomed prior to transfer and the majority of the spilled product was contained. Two contractors are on scene performing cleanup. After decanting 46,000 gallons of an oil/water mix, it is estimated that 32,000 gallons of product collected to date. Shoreline surveys report New Jersey side of the Arthur Kill is clean and the New York side has small areas of product still being removed. Both barges tied to the dock will be moved so that the dock may be used for awaiting vessels. Activities New York will continue to monitor cleanup efforts. CASE CLOSED THIS UNIT .